Running a Repl in a Replit

Can anyone help? I converted a Github page (TypeScript) into a Repl, and how can I run this code on a seperate HTML/CSS/JS Repl?

Hi @Tinom , welcome to the forums!
Use the HTML iframe tag to imbed repls.

<iframe src=''></iframe>

Replace username and Repl-name accordingly.
Hope this helps!
See this repl:

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Make sure to start the URL with a protocol, or else it will act like a relative URL and visit which is a 404.

As you can see the correct usage in your example Repl:



if you cloned it from github you can just fork the repl and get a new separate version of the repl. if it’s an existing repl and you need to run the same site then you can try to use the git command and preserve the replit.nix and .replit file, but I might not be understanding you correctly rn. please clarify if necessary.

Could also just use //

I thought someone would say that :laughing:

I almost put it but I just left it out. I was waiting for someone to say that tho

Hi NateDhaliwal, I tried your code, but it shows a slightly gray rectangle and says “ refused to connect”

Can you help me fix it?

This is because Replit isn’t allowing you to embed their website on other websites. Which shouldn’t happen, since the point is to embed it. That’s very odd.

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are you sure that’s the correct url? it seems to be missing a ? between Deploy and embed=true and also I can’t find any repl on your account named “Repl-Haven-Deploy” unless that’s not the repl name.


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