Run multiple files separate of the main


How can I run multiple files in Replit. I want to run another file of the main file.
How do i do that?

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@Ballooo do you want to run a file that’s not the main or do you want to run multiple files at once?


Welcome to Ask! To change which file runs by default, check these posts:

If you mean running multiple files at once, the closest thing is to run a file the normal way, then also manually run one in Shell.


Thanks for the reply but i found a solution to my problem.

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You can also run multiple files at once by using run = "command1 & command2", but the output will be intermixed.

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Hey @Ballooo!

Cam you please explain how you fixed your problem? If people have a similar issue in the future it can provide quick and easy access to the solution they need.


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