Run Configuration Issue?

My student’s code is running the wrong program. I would go to Run Configurations in Eclipse, but I don’t know how to point her program to the current Main and main method. Her repl is Thanks for the help; we’re dead in the water here!

I am not very familiar with Java but I’ll do my best to help. When I run that repl, the output is literally blank. Nothing happens. When I look at I don’t see any functions called just class PlayWar being defined. Don’t you have to call it for it to run?

If you need to run a different file, you can edit the .replit file. You’ll have to show hidden files first.



Show hidden files


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Thanks so much for the speedy reply (we were still in class!) I hadn’t noticed that she had renamed the file, so you not being able to run in provided the clue. Thanks again from a grateful teacher!

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