Rules guideline has a few errors... and it can be improved

Please do not spam many posts quickly. Don’t make topics just to advertise stuff. It is ok to mention stuff but don’t do it juts to bring attention to it.

“Full List of Forum Rules and Infractions” at Rule 2 in “Rule Descriptions”

A better way of saying it: with a little help from AI but revised by me to sound better

“Please do not spam too many posts quickly. Please refrain from creating topics only to advertise projects. While it is acceptable to mention projects, a topic should not be done solely to bring attention.”

Rule 6 and 9:

The rules are hard to read because there is little space from the description to the consequence.

Affects all Rules (Not all rules with this problem are shown in the screenshot)

A little more space between the horizontal lines will keep the rules tidier.

Rules 7 and 7.1

Since both rules talk about alts, why not combine them together? Took a little help from AI but revised it myself

“Multiple accounts are acceptable as long as they do not interact much with one another. However, please refrain from using alternate accounts to artificially boost stats.”

I am on Chromebook, if that helps…


Other than fixing that spelling I don’t think its needed to change it since there have been countless posts advertising things not related to programming at all (some NSFW) so that new wording would allow for it in my eyes.

I cant repro this. But this would be something to report on discourse meta if you can repro it on other forums as well.

7.1 is a sub-section of rule 7 that’s why its 7.1 and not 8


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