Ruby, How to use with js

Hey, I know basic ruby and have “Mastered” html/css and am OK at js.
I want to make a chat application I’m using replit temporarily until it is ready for production! I want to know how to actually interface with my html/css/js.
Sorry for the bad grammer :confused: Thanks!

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I don’t understand, what app do you want: desktor or web-app, and why you need to use ruby?

If you want desktor app, use Electron.js template from @CoderGautamYT or use Python eel module to convert HTML website to .exe file. If you want web-app, just use one of Ruby’s tutorials or just make web-app on the HTML/CSS/JS.

So, I mean if I have a sign up thingy how do I get that to interact with ruby(WITHOUT rails?)
Sry I had a 22 hour ban for maxing out replys/posts per day

Ruby is not popular language for backend. You have to use Ruby on Rails or other languages and frameworks such as Python Django, Flask or Pyramid.

Well is there at least a js api that van interact with ruby?

Yes, there is probably some API package that could interact with Ruby, but you would probably have to use NodeJS and find a package that is well-maintained and suits your needs. There is over 2 million npm packages, so it may be hard to find one.

Honestly, I would disregard Ruby and just use PyScript, Ruby has a similar syntax to Python and you can completely kick out the JavaScript (unless you want to use it alongside PyScript) as well.

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