RTL (arabic and hebrew) in replit chat and thread

I want to provide my students with feedback in Hebrew.
I could use CSS direction (div dir =“rtl”) within MD files to provide proper support for RTL language:

נסיון כתיבה שמשלב english וגם עברית

However, I could not use it within the chat or when I opened a thread for code feedback, although Replit claims to support Markdown there.
Is there any solution for RTL language for chat and Thread feedback?

I think there isn’t, but you could request it as a feature by clicking on this button in the side bar :

I will do it but since it may take time, isn’t there a workaround for all those Arabic and Hebrew writers?

What do you mean by workaround?

A way to properly write Hebrew combined with English within the chat and threads - maybe not through markdown

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Hi @shaharma if the feature doesn’t already exist within Replit then you are going to have to request it by clicking Share feedback as shown:


There is no workaround for a feature which does not yet exist.

I will do that, but since i aware that requests are not being answered immediately I need a solution to communicate with my students now…

Hi @shaharma I’m sorry if you misunderstood. Replit Support would be the only ones who can implement features like this, not the community here.

My suggestion would be to not use RTL in replit chat and thread, but maybe link to a shared document e.g. Google Docs / OneDrive file which can contain your conversation.