Roblox using ifttt webhooks to send an email not working

idk what to say ^^^^^^

basically i am trying to make a suggestion gui on roblox


Welcome to the Replit Forums!

Please send me your project link or post it within your thread so the community can help you diagnose your issue.

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not a project on replit

If you have a github repo or anything you can provide for a reference this would help otherwise there’s not much anybody can do to help you unfortunately.

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@QwertyQwerty88 ??? they could help???

Hi @bruh1555 you are going to have to share your code here if you want someone to offer some ideas.

If you cannot share it via a Repl, then @WiiZARDD suggested uploading it to Github so you could share a link instead.


OP’s trying to make a Roblox game. @bruh1555 I suggest you ask on the DevForums.


@QwertyQwerty88 so a long time ago i told u i wasnt able to post on the devforums, it still doesnt let me

There are some requirements to level up your trust level on those forums:

  • 3 hours of recent read time
  • 150 topics viewed
  • 1.5k posts read

Once you complete these you will be able to post a topic.

I highly recommend you just complete these and post your questions about Roblox scripting there, as there are a lot more people there who know a lot more about Roblox scripting than we do here.


thanks i’ll try to do it

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