Retrieving accepted bounty applications with GraphQL

NOTE: I know the API isn’t officially supported/documented but I thought that at least someone might know something

When using the GraphQL API, it’s possible to retrieve bounty applications using the bountyApplicationSearch query. However, I was only able to retrieve rejected and “not reviewed” applications. How do I query for the “accepted” application for “in progress” or “completed” bounties? (On the actual bounty detail page, it seems like this is part of the HTML response from the server - it’s not loaded asynchronously by the JS)

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query BountyPageApplicationsSearch($input: BountyApplicationSearchInput!) {
  bountyApplicationSearch(input: $input) {
    ... on BountyApplicationConnection {
      items {

$input is:

  bountyId: 123, // change this to something with an accepted application
  count: 50,
  order: "recommended",
  status: "rejectedAndNotReviewed"

Some experimenting showed that the status field can be “accepted”, “rejected”, “all”, and “rejectedAndNotReviewed”, but none of these, including “accepted”, return the accepted application.

Also, is it possible to retrieve applications directly on the Bounty object? I found this Bounty Score Repl from @RayhanADev which includes applications and latestSubmission on the Bounty object but those don’t seem to work anymore. :frowning_with_open_mouth:


My friend @IMGROOT2 asked about this for me on the Discord server but it doesn’t hurt to ask here too


It’s not just not offically supported, it’s banned so please do not look into it nor share any information you do have, as it is a bannable offense. No one is safe, a prominent member @MNA41 (600 followers) was banned because of it

EDIT: since it’s a query I CAN help, here you go:
query BountiesPageSearch($input: BountySearchInput!) {\n bountySearch(input: $input) {\n __typename\n ... on BountySearchConnection {\n items {\n ...BountyCard\n __typename\n }\n pageInfo {\n hasNextPage\n nextCursor\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n ... on UserError {\n message\n __typename\n }\n ... on UnauthorizedError {\n message\n __typename\n }\n }\n}\n\nfragment BountyCard on Bounty {\n id\n title\n descriptionPreview\n cycles\n deadline\n status\n slug\n solverPayout\n timeCreated\n applicationCount\n isUnlisted\n solver {\n id\n username\n image\n url\n __typename\n }\n user {\n id\n username\n image\n url\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n}\n

input (for the first 10 “open” & “listed” bounties in creation descending order):

{count: 10, searchQuery: "", statuses: ["open", "inProgress", "completed", "canceled"], listingState: "listed", order: "creationDateDescending"}
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Thanks for the response! I was under the impression that queries are allowed as long as they aren’t spammed (Linking 2 custom domains to 1 repl - #37 by ShaneAtReplit)

I’m afraid the query you provided only queries for bounties, not bounty applications

But thanks anyway!


Mmm, yes I apologize, but it’s the best I could do in five minutes. You can now check each bounty and see who was accepted. And yes, queries are allowed :smiley:

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