Resuming deployment

My replit deployment status is on resuming for more than two hours (udpating deployment) and don’t now how to force a new deployment (I can’t click on the button redeploy). I don’t know what to do :frowning:

Thanks a lot for your help,

Hey @SinaMovaghar welcome to the forums!

Have you tried the trouble shooting docs?

Hey Ethan,

Thanks for you reply
Yes but I did not find my issue there …

Hey @SinaMovaghar!

Are you able to delete the deployment in that same panel or in the settings tab, then redeploy? If not, can you send us the Repl link so we can take a look?


No it does not work, I can not click on ‘redeploy’ button.
Here is the Repl link :

Thanks a lot !

Thanks for the link! We have forced a shutdown of your Deployment which we believe has fixed the issue. However, you will need to recreate the deployment again.

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