Restrict access?

Can I restrict student access to just my Teams?
5 minutes into using Replit they’ve found games and gone off the rails.

No you can’t on the main site. But using it will restrict access to all community features including other people’s repls.

Thanks! Does that require new account and teams creations?

I tried it out. it’s AWESOME thanks!
Wish I knew this before today! :slight_smile:
Anything else I should know about preventing students from doing wacky stuff?

They will still be able to access the main site unless it is blocked. And people cant work cross websites. For example, you cant work with a student if you are on the main site and the student is on firewalled replit.

But if we’re both logged into the firewalled version, I can work with them, yeah?

Correct. If you are both logged into 1 site you can work together

Cool. I am working with my IT dept. to either block or redirect

I would recommend sending this doc to the IT department since some URLs MUST be unblocked for replit to work.

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Thank you SOOOO much. This is a great help.
I really want Replit to work for us and I am jumping head first into it to do a trial by fire. :fire:


Fantastic to hear you are trailblazing for your school @jtramontana !


Thanks! I am so excited about using Replit, I just need to figure out how it is going to work best with our environment. At our school, students start hand-coding websites with HTML and CSS at 6th grade. By the time they reach me, they have built multiple sites. My job is to get them up to speed on HTML 5/Semantic HTML and give them the skills to continue building a yearly portfolio for the next 5 years in school. Debugging is a major pain point, which I think Replit might help with. :slight_smile:


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