Restrict acceptance deadlines

The bounties creators are constantly increasing the pick deadlines for each bounty.

For example: A bounty that originally took 7 days to declare a winner may take several weeks to declare the hunter winner.

It’s really frustrating to know that you’re going to enter a bounty, trusting to receive the money on the scheduled day but only receive it after much more time.

It’s understandable that creators want more applications and better solutions, but keeping hunters waiting for months is something that causes anxiety and distress.

Replit may ban or limit this method of extending bounties or force creators to increase bounties values proportionally to the increased time.


How does this sound? From the poster’s perspective, it could work like you set the number of days you want the bounty to be done in, and then the countdown starts after the hunter is accepted for the bounty.


That sounds a lot better! Another thing is to allow the poster to edit the bounty due date after somebody was accepted if the hunter agrees to it also.


Maybe it would be better to have 2 periods for the bounties:

The first period would be to enter the competition.

The second period would be for the hunter to present the completed job to the bounty creator.


It would be great if the bounty hunter could share a private Repl with all the bounty creator wants.

Much better than one contacting another directly and asking for GitHub repositories.

I imagine it would be interesting if it were possible to sell a Repl directly.