Restoring Deleted repl that was remade

I’ve recently been working on a repl and I must have accidentally deleted it at some point because the link stopped working. I was very upset about this as I had made progress that I didn’t want to lose, but I restarted the repl and made a new with the the same name which is what you would see at that link now. Later I was looking through some questions and found that you can restore deleted repls but I tried and it wouldn’t work because I already remade a repl with the same name. I wondered if I could look at the repl history and it would show up, but I can’t find anything and I don’t know how to get it back. Also, I have not made any saves or backups. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could help me get my progress back.

Hey, @SharkCoding welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to help you. I think people have been able to get repls restored as long as they have the name of it by contacting Replit support.

It’s alright, I think someone must have seen the post and restored the repl because I saw this.

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Hey @SharkCoding,

It’s nice to see that your repl got restored, you can actually restore a repl! The steps are :

Go to the CLUI => Click on Trash => Restore-Repl and just put it’s name

I think you have a certain time to restore it, so the next time this happens restore it very fast!

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I did happen to see this solution somewhere, and I tried it, but, as I said in the post, I made a new repl with the same name which I think made it so I couldn’t get the old one back.

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Yeah, that’s the problem!

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