Restore Team Member and Work (Education Teams)

While trying to make a team member an admin, I somehow removed a team member instead. WIth that, the team member nor any of their work is now showing, which is extremely important as they are a student within our school.

Is there a way to restore the team member and their submitted Replits in the Education Teams?

@brianatalley sadly it’s not possible, if you want this to be possible in the future I recommend requesting it as a feature! To request a feature you should click on the ? help button, then go to Share feedback and select suggestion.

If the student reaccepts an invitation to the team, can he find his submitted projects in the trash to restore?

Im not sure, but you can restore repls.

Hi @brianatalley I think you should get in touch with Replit Support to see if they can find the “deleted” Repls and link them to the student account again. It might not be possible but they have access to the back end of the product whereas we are all just keen users helping each other out where possible.

To get in touch with support please click on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl and select Contact Support.

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