Restart a failed Repl with Always On

I want to make a Bot in python with an Always On Repl
But I have a question : if the script fails, because of any sad error, will the Always On feature restart it automatically ?
if not, what can I do to have a failed script restart automatically in case of failure ?
(of course I will do everything to avoid failure !)

The solution to your anwser is very simple. It doesn’t! It will always be On, maybe it could be turned of because of a replit error, if that happens to confirm you could check

Ok and what would you suggest to check whether it is running or not ?
is a repl able to know if another repl is running or not ?

yeah! Could you mark this as a solution if it is!

In fact, more than just the fact that it doesn’t restart automatically, I would love to see someone telling me how I can monitor the Always On Repl to make it restart even if it fails and stops

Check on the

Hi @fvillemin welcome to the community.

In answer to question 1 - will always on restart a failed Repl (due to an error in the code) - the answer is no.

However I understand that you want to see if there is a way to track if the Repl stops working for some reason. I think that you would need to use an external service for this such as

In answer to question 2 - what can I do to have a failed script restart automatically - there is a variety of options here, again using external services such as cron-job. You will have to investigate this to see what is best suited here.

Please keep an eye on Replit’s Terms of Service ( especially 4.14 which relates to bots and how often they should be sending requests.

You might also find Replit’s Discord community have more experience here, and there is a specific channel for bot makers.

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