Responsive graphics with python?

Both Tkinter and Pygame produce horribly laggy graphics on replit, is there a graphics framework for python that looks just as good as it would on desktop, idealy one with good GUI tools.

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Hi @JSLink welcome to the Ask community. Please make sure you have read the Replit Ask Community Standards and I hope that you can contribute helpful tips to others on the platform too.

Sorry to hear that you aren’t happy with the performance of Tkinter and Pygame libraries. Do you have any example Repls that you can share which we can look at to replicate the issue?

I’ll leave the question for the community to respond to, but if you could provide details of what you are trying to create it might help others suggest some ideas.

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Even just the defualt Tkinter project is a good example, opening that template gives you a button which you can press, however the animation of clickling the button plays late and the button doesn’t immediately change colour when you hover over it

See if using Nuitka, a Python compiler, satisfies your needs. Or use libraries in more performant languages, e.g. FLTK (Rust), but you’re still limited by replit’s performance. Or just make a website instead, so the performance depends just on the user’s device


Using SDL in C might work better.