Reset progress on a Learning path (e.g. 100 Days of Code - Python Course)

I want to request a feature that would allow a user to reset their progress on a learning course (for example: 100 Days of Code - Python Course).

This potential feature could eliminate a user from going back to their previously published replits in a course to recall what they forgot. In a situation where a user goes on a vacation, for example, and does not finish the Python course. About a year later, they come back and do not remember anything. They wish to reset their progress so they can restart from scratch, but that option is unavailable. So now they have to continue with the lesson without the necessary previous knowledge.

I was trying to reset my progress so I could start from scratch when I came across this possible feature after coming back from Summer Break.

Thank you for implementing this feature if possible.

If anyone knows a way to reset their progress without the need of this feature, please let me know. I’ll be happy to know about it :slight_smile:

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