Reset Layout missing from Settings

My Replit layout appears as one panel at a time with the settings menu off to the side, only visible when I zoom out more than 100%. I tried resetting the layout but the reset button people refer to isn’t there. I have attached a screenshot of my settings page.

Hey @SkyeValdez, welcome to the community!

You seem to be using a mobile device so this is all expected AFAIK

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I’m actually on a Windows 8 Laptop using the latest Firefox. I tried it in Chrome and have the same issue.

Weeeeird, Replit thinks you’re using a mobile device…


Actually just updated Chrome and its working there. Still no joy in Firefox 116.0.3

Hey @SkyeValdez!

Do you have any extensions installed? I am using the same version of Firefox but am not able to reproduce the issue.

I have a bunch actually. I’m going to try disabling them one by one.

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