Reserved VM is no longer always on?

Hi i have deployed using Reserved VM but my chat bot is not usable if i am not logged in. Is this because i now have to also sign up for replit core?

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Reserved DM is supposed to be three nines, are you sure you are using the right configuration?

Could please you elaborate on the three nines?

Every server have a specific availability uptime. Three nines means that the server will stay on 99.9% of the time. You can check the table by here:

And see if you miss anything in the setting up process by viewing their documentation:

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As far as i can tell yes i set it up in a way that has worked for me in the past. I selected the machine configuration (The cheapest option since its low volume) and and app type webserver. This worked fine for me on another account but since Jan 1 it isnt ‘always on’

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Hi @unityaaa01 !
Does your chatbot contain a backend (Flask, Express, etc)? If so, this is probably a bug.
If not, deploy it as a Background Worker under Reserved VMs.
Hope this helps!

Hi, yes it does use flask. How could i identify the potential bug?