Reserved VM deployment fails

I tried to deploy my project but I always got this error:

I am deploying python selenium code that also have +5 gigabytes of libraries, could the be problem?

Hi @jakubmaruska014 !
Could you check under the Logs tab and show us what is there?

There is nothing in the logs

Hmm. Could you send the link to your repl?

I just send you a invite

Received. I took a look at the repl and it seems that it is running on the older configuration of the repl.
You will need to run the following command to clean things up. Note that you should just save your code somewhere else first as a precaution.

curl -s|bash -s
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Thank you! The fix resolved the error, but the program still doesn’t perform as expected. I added some log messages, but the program seems to crash when choosing BagrouadWorker without sending any log messages. Additionally, when I use WebServer, it encounters a port-related error.

If you could accept the invitation I sent you to my Repl and check if the code I’m trying to deploy is actually possible to deploy, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, feel free to make any necessary changes. I have a backup copy saved.

Basically, the code should log in to the website and then scrape data in a loop every 2 minutes.

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Got it. I’ll try a few things to see if they work.

@jakubmaruska014 A possible issue is that there are errors in your code.
Unfortunately, as I am invited, I cannot deploy your repl for you.

You should be able to edit the code. If there’s something else that needs to be done, could you please guide me? Additionally, when deploying, should it be as a Web Server or a background worker?

I believe it should be a Web Server. I’ll take another look at it.

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Hey, so did you found anything that could help?

Yup. So because your repl is not a webserver and uses VNC (as it opens in the Output tab), I don’t think it (VNC repls, including tkinter or Turtle) can be deployed.
May I know why you wish to deploy it?