Request to Disable Code Suggestion and AI Features in Replit

Dear Replit Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I’d like to express my appreciation for providing free access to Replit AI. It’s evident that you’re working diligently to enhance the experience for developers, and I commend your efforts.

However, after giving Replit AI a try, I’ve come to the conclusion that the code suggestion and AI features, although valuable to many, do not align with my personal coding preferences and have, at times, been a distraction while I practice my coding skills.

With that in mind, I kindly request that you consider providing an option within the app to disable or turn off the code suggestion and AI features. This would allow me and others who share similar preferences to use Replit without these features that we find less suitable for our needs.

I believe that offering users the flexibility to customize their experience by enabling or disabling such features would greatly enhance the overall usability of Replit and ensure that it caters to a wider range of developer preferences.

Thank you for your understanding and for continuing to provide a valuable platform for developers. I look forward to your response and the possibility of customizing my Replit experience in the future.

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You can turn off the AI code completion in the bottom right of any Repl, and more parts of it can be turned off in the Repl’s Settings tab.

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Thanks, bro, for helping me out.

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In the future, you can click the “Solution” button on replies that solve your problem.


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