Request for Refund Due to Accidental Membership Purchase on Wrong Account


Dear Replit Support Team,

I am writing to request a refund for an accidental membership charge on my Replit account. Recently, I intended to renew my membership for my primary account. However, I mistakenly logged into a different, less frequently used account and inadvertently processed the membership renewal for this account.

The details of the account in question are associated with this email address. The membership purchase was made very recently, and I have not utilized any of the paid features or occupied server resources since the accidental transaction.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in processing a refund for this unintended purchase. My intention was to renew the membership on my regularly used account, and this error was purely accidental.

Thank you for understanding my situation. I look forward to your prompt response and assistance in resolving this matter.
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Hi @BytefishMedium , welcome to the forums!
Please email
Or, go to and choose I have a billing issue > I want to cancel my subscription and fill up the form.


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Please submit the form at, selecting “billing”