Repls Won't Run

Any repl I go to (ex., I can’t run. There is no “run” button. And is redricts me to the first file in the code (ex. Ephraim mart - Replit.

This happens with any repl except for the editor.

Does anyone have this problem or know how to fix it?

Hey @BananaPi welcome to the forums!

The Run button no longer exists unless it is a deployment. Due to recent changes you will have to Fork unless the creator Deploys the Repl, in that case you will be able to run it like normal. These changes apply to normal console based programs like Python, C, etc. too, but there is no way to deploy them unless you set up some kind of server to run it (like Flask for Python) and use an Autoscale Deployment.

Yeah, 1 minute after posting, I found that thread. Honestly, this makes sense as previously any repl you create (i.e. a test repl) is available to any user. I feel like Replit should of put a banner up to notify everyone of the change.


The Run button no longer exists unless it is a deployment

By the way, the run button doesn’t exist if you have a deployment. There is no way to run programs on cover pages anymore, regardless of if it is deployed.

That kind of was a feature I loved about Replit and being to see the cool things others created was awesome. I’m sad to see it go :cry:.

If thats not the reason for removing the run button, what is?

same here. but i can’t even run WITH forking them.

yeah how even do yhou deploy

pay for core to have several

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