Repls using lots of storage

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i have this in allmost all my repls where i use php webserver

Hi @hold-ulv3,

Are you using any kind of framework with your Repls? I ask because frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Laravel do consume quite a lot of resources.

The only other thing I can think of is using a considerable amount of dependencies, since those dependencies often have their own dependencies and so on…


i don’t think i use framework with your Repls
but you can check it out here


wait i just found a error on one of my php webservers

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I’ve taken a look at your Repls and they appear to contain WordPress websites.

WordPress uses up quite a lot of resources, especially storage so it makes sense why your Repls are reaching capacity.

The only way around this other than boosting your Repls to give them more resources would be to not use WordPress and slim down the sites with custom PHP or convert them to static HTML if you do not need PHP.


oh ok but i like wordpress bc i don’t have to make all things by my slef. ok what is the best free hosting service / sites for LAMP or wordpress

There aren’t really any free ones. I’m quite surprised Replit even allow us to install WordPress on the free plan, so we’re quite lucky in that sense.

You can do bounties to earn cycles, which you can spend on your Repls to give them more resources, all without spending any real money, which may be a good option.

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Are you talking about the Repl Resources tab being visible or…

No, they’re worried about how much storage their Repl is taking up.

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what happens if the storage goes to full

It is then full … whatever comes next crashes (like installing a module larger than the storage fails)

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@hold-ulv3 wordpress is in nixpkgs, try using it that way

wdym i allready have wordpress in my nix file

Are you using wordpress from nixpkgs?

no. i use it form another owner

When the storage goes full, the bar becomes orange to say that you can download anything anymore.

It actually is red when it is full, orange is fine (I have multiple repls with orange, and they’re okay)

not orange but with red and replace can with cannot

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Me too
I have worked on Machine Learning and I know the storage get orange (about 956MB/1024MB)

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I could barely install PyTorch on the free account so passing the storage limits in free is quite easy with frameworks,