Repls stuck on loading

Bug description:
Repl stuck on loading bar


Yes,the top bar says “Working” for an inordinately long time. I got one Repl to show the “Run” button, but most are stuck on “Working” indefinitely.

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I have the same issue.

I’m in the 100 days to python course trying to load the repl, it’s been unavailable for just over half an hour now.

I’ve been playing cookie clicker in the meantime

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Same problem, repls don’t start. Also, can’t download repl files as ZIP

Same here, Replit fix it pls :frowning:


Same problem ( Will hope that will be fixed soon …

The problem is already solved

I’m having the same issue, has anyone found a fix? I’ve attempted to creat another Repl but its doing the same thing. It says “Booting Repl” and nothing happens.

Solved, at least for me

Solved, at least for me

Also have the same issue