Repls put in nonexistent folder

Problem description:
I had a bunch of Repls in a folder. I deleted them one by one (because I had to download them one by one) and then deleted the folder. I now restored the Repls and they do not show up in my profile when logged in but they show up when logged out, leading me to believe that they are now in a folder which is either nonexistent or invisible.

Expected behavior:
I can view all my Repls when logged in.

Actual behavior:
The Repls I restored are only visible when logged out, however a direct link will work if logged in.

Steps to reproduce:
Put Repls in a folder.
Delete the Repls.
Delete the folder.
Restore the Repls.

Bug appears at this link:

Browser: Firefox
OS: Arch Linux
Device (Android, iOS, n/a leave blank):
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Restoring the folder does allow me to see my Repls again. Still a weird bug.

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It’s as if the repls are in an unchangeable box, and if you remove the contents and then the box, they are still stored in it, just that you can’t see it.
When you restore it, they are still there.
Confusing analogy, but yeah.


Thanks for the report, I can repro. We should probably flag the restore action when you are attempting to restore to a folder that doesn’t exist.