Repls not working

Repls not working

I keep seeing posts where peoples Repls aren’t working, and IT HAPPENED TO ME TOO!
The Output keeps saying: There was an error connecting to the server.

This probably has something to do with NIX.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Hi @Pikachu !
This probably isn’t a Nix error. Can you try switching to a different network and see if it works? Or keep clicking Try again? Can you also try pressing CTRL+SHIFT+R to refresh the page and cache?
Or, try entering kill 1 in the Shell.

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I did all of the above and it does not work

I’m having the same issue

it only happens at certain times for some reason

what is the fix? Still same issue for me.

@kpkpradeep Normally to fix it you would reload, erase cookies and log back in, or reload the replay output, bu t if the problem has something to do with Nix, there is no fix

Not true, Nix errors can be fixed. There will just need to be configuration done.
But I’ve already said:

@Pikachu Could you try unblocking the domain?
Or try either of this:
For Edge:

For Chrome:

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