Repls not loading still

Problem description:
Repls won’t load for me or any of my students (I’m a high school teacher). The status site says the following: This rollout is completed. If you continue to see long Repl load times, please contact support.

Expected behavior:
Repls would load

Actual behavior:
Repls won’t load.

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:



Can you please share a screenshot of it?

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I’m experiencing the same thing. I can’t get any Replits to load.

Same problem here. (I’m i the UK if that makes a difference, maybe it’s a CDN issue). Looking at the Browser’s javascript console when the replit is trying to load shows a load of failed requests to:

which are being rejected with HTTP 409 (Conflict)

Same here, replit not loading any files , also on new repl.

Also having this issue in the UK - both in edge and chrome

Same here, student at a high school here. The repls won’t load in at all and are just stuck in a loop.
Happens to all the repls I go to. I live in the UK

replit is down rn guys

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Same here. Browser logs report a status of 409 and an issue with Cloudflare. All teams, all languages. Class starts soon.

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Me too, I’m in Canada.

I have the same problem. I´m in Sweden

Mine not loading as well. -Australia

It is back up for me. I can access my repls now

Down for me as well not sure what to do.

Having the same issue here at the Northeast Coast

+1 From India! Student account.

Same here in Germany

Thank you everybody for confirming this issue exists but this is more than enough data for them. I have notified them internally and will be addressing the issue soon


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