Repls deleted by another account

Problem description:
I tried to make another account on replit and when I log out and log in all repls get deleted

Expected behavior:
Make 2 accounts and both have different repls

Actual behavior:
All of my first account repls deleted

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank):
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Hey there @RashulKathpal!

According to the docs, you can restore a repl as so, to see if your repls were really deleted:

1. Go to your CLUI ← (that’s the link)


2. Go to trash

3. Go to restore-repl

4. Enter the name of the repl

(Note that a helpful list of recently deleted repl names pop up so it’s easier for you.)

You can also go to cli/trash/restore-repl for a direct link to the restore-repl button.


really? Whenever I do such a thing, I have to remember exactly how I titled it (e.g. 3x1-Test-case, capitalization also matters!)

You have to choose cli trash view-repls, which produces said list