Repls are not loading


I’ve been trying to fork repls from my study website. There’s something wrong with my Replit as it gets stuck and keeps showing ‘Working’ and ‘Loading’ but nothing happens.
I tried to clear the cache and history of my browser and also tried to use a different browser but it seems like the issue is with the website. I am using Chrome (updated) and I tried Edge too. Anyone who could help me with it?

Thanks a lot

Did they work before?
Did you try log out and back in?
Did you try to form a repl?

They did work before until a couple of days ago. I had the issue before, though. About a week ago it did the same but next day I tried it again and it was working ok, so I thought it was a temporary problem with the website. Now it’s been at least two days that it’s not loading the repls.
I have tried to log out and in again countless times and try to create a repl and it does the same.

There have been severe server issues last week … i hope this is not again the case.