Replit's temporarily unavailable issue

So I just made a normal discord bot with basic commands and using chat gpt api.
It was working fine for 3 to 4 months, but now it said
“You can’t run this replit right now. It may be temporarily unavailable or it may have been violated our Terms of Service. If you are the owner of this repl you should be able to run it, you can try again later or contact support.”

I am pretty sure my bot didn’t had anything that will violate terms of service.
How can I fix this issue, I don’t even have a second copy available of my bot :sob:


Hi @toolsMaker can you please share a link to the Repl so that others can investigate and suggest ideas?


same is happening to me on a minecraft Repl
this is the link

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the fact that this is happening on a minecraft repl makes me think the repls are vioationg a tos

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Same for me with a simple Discord Bot … I’m worried about keeping such a bot on Repl even with paid Always On … I hope it’s just a temp issue.

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Same here i have been working on a discord bot for a year now and after all this time of paying for the hacker plan i cant even use it. its saying im violating Terms of Services when im not. Is there any solution for this?

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Oddly I deployed a bot within 24 hours. It suddenly stopped working after 14 hours. I opened just now and system asked me to switch server hosts as well as all the code missing. Very strange.

I just redeployed the bot right now.

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There seems to be a few people with this problem, do you know what might cause it? I haven’t been able to use my repl for days now

Hi @foxythepirategr

I have escalated the issue to Replit support and hopefully they will be able to share some details soon. Sincere apologies for the delay but it needs deeper investigation by the support team.


Hey @foxythepirategr!

We couldn’t find any recent errors in our logs or see the error when viewing your Repl. Are you still seeing the issue? Does the error come up when you open a certain file, perform an action, or simply when you open the Repl?

The Situation seems to be better, It would kick me without an error and say im Violating TOS, now in the error log It shows me a new error
Error:**Unhandled Rejection/Catch:

** Error [ERR_UNHANDLED_ERROR]: Unhandled error. ('Quick.Replit encountered 429 error code on fetching explvl_1105684206484471849, Quick.Replit will retry for 3 more times if it fails you will have to run the function again after some time')

After receiving this error a few times it kicks me out of the bot and closes the bot
The error says that its an increase amount of API requests
I haven’t been able to pinpoint where exactly the error is happening since in my testing I never got this issue.
Edit1: I tried to recreate the error but with no success, The error still happens but not from a specific command
Edit2: it seems the issue was occured by a setInterval function, not sure why it causes that issue but i will do further testing

I don’t know how but now I am able to access the repl.
Thank you

Hi there. This is very strange. Can you please provide a link to the Repl?

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