Replits new updates are unnecessary

Yeah I personally agree. However, one of the updates has a reason for it. Specifically the Deployments Jan 1st, 2024 update.

AFAIK the Deployments update was implemented not only because companies are using their IDE now, but they also had a decline in money. Sounds greedy, but I think it probably wasn’t the worst idea ever.

However, about the comments update. I do NOT understand why they removed comments. It kind of destroyed the Replit community, not only not being able to share their (somewhat) cool opinions on a Repl.

Those are my opinions on the controversial updates.


I’ve said this a few times before, but it’s also a monopoly; since they’re the leading platform, then people are gonna keep using it even if they slowly add more paid features. And if your platform is the best tool out there for a specific thing, why wouldn’t you capitalize off of it? It’s like giving away lemonade but thousands of ppl come to your stand daily. Why not start charging $0.25?


i understand that some updates are good and some are bad


They probably removed comments because it took up a large chunk of their storage.

the thing is it was greedy because that’s cool and all but they promised to not remove free hosting and while deployment offers other benefits they went back on that promise essentially forcing the audience of those using replit for a convenient hoster to pay money


Isn’t Replit making tons of money since they are #1 in the online IDEs? They should be able to pay for that.

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I mean yeah they are the #1 online IDE but that’s firstly not a super profitable field and also they are still a relatively small tech company in the grand scheme of things

Fair but they have more net worth than Vimeo (for example)