Replit's new Social Features update

Well I do want my cycles payed back or it is truly a robbery.


I’d be surprised if that happens, look at these:

No refunds

Cycles are not refundable.

No cash value

Cycles do not have any value in real currency, cannot be substituted for real currency, do not earn interest, and cannot be redeemed or refunded for real currency or anything else of value.

and, most importantly.

Expiration and fees

… Replit may also discontinue Cycles at any time and no refunds will be issued.

The above quotes are taken from the Cycles Terms

If you have cycles and are able to cash out, I’d suggest doing that ASAP. I can’t cash out, so I guess my cycles are probably going to get nuked :sob:


Cash out, I see no option. For people who bought cycles, this is robbery … damn, I should have not come back.


You need to email but only cycles from Bounties can be cashed out.

You can use this form to convert cycles to credits witch I belive can be used for plans, autoscale deployments, etc Cycles to plan credits request form


I bought mine … so money lost.


You can convert any cycles to credits no matter where they are from if you want to use autoscale or something.


I thoughts cash out and convert was the same thing, sorry. Thanks fie the link.


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I’d like to ask, what makes Replit better than GCP, amazon AWS, or especially Github?

for code deployments, I can use GCP (+ free credits) and AWS for 1000x uptime and stability (seeing the amount of incidents here, little to no businesses will rely on Replit).

for code sharing, use github for unlimited storage. why replit?


Funny thing, they literally use GCP for most of the features.

I’ve actually transitioned one of my websites over to GitHub and the fantastic interface the moment Static Repls stopped working. And, besides being able to test my website before committing changes, it’s been great.


While I do somewhat agree, as most Repls which “reach” trending (trending is still broken) are filled with spam comments and advertisements, I believe a better solution would have been to simply improve moderation on comments.
Feedback from the community is a valuable part of every creation and should not be removed.


That’s not even the problem. There are many mods that go through comments + we have AutoMod. It’s just there’s too many comments being reported to go over (and some even go past detection).

I’d think it’d be better if Replit recruited some of the active (and trusted) members of the Replit community to be mods.


I’d like to say that Replit could’ve had done many things rather than remove social features and call them ‘improvements’.

Feedback is everything for something you make or a business, if Replit would hear us out on these changes they could learn something and make their platform a better place.

I feel like that would go really well, it would reduce the workloads of current mods as it will split even more. It also would allow more moderation in general which could catch the random things.

I’m also wondering what are the ‘top creators’? Could Replit give an example. I also am thinking why just the top people and not just people through out, they would do things different. Because if who I think the ‘top creators’ are they use deployments all the time and use a lot of Replit’s services, but for any company you should ask people from different parts of it not just people who have paid. As most people do not want to pay and seem shocked I am guessing nobody was asked that was a Free User like me.

I really hope Replit rethinks these changes as they will lose a lot of people as it is becoming more like GitHub and GCP, but the difference is GitHub and GCP offer great/better stuff than Replit. I know Replit doesn’t really like to take much look into these like the ‘Changes for Hosting’ but I think in their current position Replit needs feedback not just from paying customers but free as well, and not just ‘top creators’ it would be best to get as much of this info from as many people as possible not just the people who use the paying services.


Question: where was it mentioned that Replit was removing Cycles?


It was not but in the screenshot in the blog posts tips were $1, $5, etc instead of cycles


As far as I can tell, the only new thing is social features being removed entirely.


Ppl who first came to mind were RayhanADev, Ironclad, etc. because they’re often considered “the top” in Bounties-related stuff.


Also, their ToS said they could remove it at any time and you wouldn’t get a refund. A bit odd to include that if they’re not going to kill it off eventually…(especially since it already says Cycles are non-refundable)


Something I thought earlier too: What’s the point of Repl Identity anymore? It’ll just be completely removed?


My views:
If console repls need to be forked to be run, what’s the point of making games if you need to download/fork the “source” code for the program in order to run it?
Think this: you need to download Minecraft’s source code to play Minecraft. Crazy right? That’s like what Replit is doing.
Comments? Yes, it can be a workload for the mod team, so removing it has benefits. Ok. Less work for mods.
Cycles removed? There’s gonna be lots of questions/topics on Ask asking why they’re Cycles have disappeared. And complains. Not that I’m losing much, I have 63 Cycles.
What about the form for 100DoC’s badge and cert? It requires 500C.