Replit's new devtools and webview

Replit’s new webview panel and devtools seem to interfere with demos I’ve had running for ages. E.g. HTML pages load twice, submits get submitted twice, pages get truncated to a thin line at the top of the screen.
If I run the repl in a new tab, it’s works just as before but in the webview panel, I’m having lots of problems. Is anyone else seeing this? Is there a way to revert to the old web preview panel?

Hi @PaulAtDunedin, sounds like a bug, you can report it in the ? section of the navbar

As for now, you can close the devtools by clicking the spanner icon just above it.

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Hi @CodingCactus , thanks. I agree it’s seems like bug and I will report it.

Closing the devtools makes no difference. It seems to be a problem with the new Webview panel, which does a lot of clever stuff judging by the blog post at Replit - Inspect your HTML/CSS/JS Repls with native DevTools

Has anyone else noticed the same behaviour?

I haven’t noticed this behaviour @PaulAtDunedin but definitely log this as an issue with support as they will investigate. Thanks for the message!