Replite HTML Editor!

I made an HTML editor! Sorry if it doesn’t wake up, I don’t really know how to fix it. It contains feature for indenting with tabs, opening in a new tab, and very good CSS. I’m currently working with @Coder869 on this.

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If it doesn’t work, try this link:

View Repl

and click HTML editor.


Cool project!

Couldn’t you use UpTimeRobot? It wakes stuff up.

Also, I thought of something: Replit is copyrighted (98% sure) so could this break copyright rules? It has the Run button and it does what Replit does. Also, I think I read about someone who recreated Replit with more languages and Amjad Masad (The Owner) got really angry apparently in the article. (He threatened to sue) Amjad was in the wrong but this project reminded me of that.

This does not break copyright rules, so far, it looks a lot like Replit, but just wait until I keep adding to it.
And what is UptimeRobot?

How Replit used legal threats to kill my open-source project - This is what doxr is talking about. This link gets thrown around quite a bit.

It is a service that pings your Repl.

What does that mean?

Pinging is a process in which tiny packets of data (measured in bytes) are transmitted from a site to the device pinging them. In the case of Repls, this wakes up the Repl because it has to be awake to transmit the data. Thus, your Repl is (theoretically) always on because the pinger is always pinging it.

I do not advise you to use a pinger because that will drain your egress (data sent from your Repls to users; now has enforced limits).