Replit, while running flask app in built browser not showup

Browser window not open on running the Flask app within Replit ?

Repl link:

Hey, @FAHIMUDDIN4 welcome to the forums!

Can you please provide a link to the repl?

hi I am new to this site , how to find link

You mean

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If you are in the editor go to the top left where it says the name of the repl or project. Click it then what pops up click cover page and share that link

Yes that link is right

I dont know flask but my guess is that you cant redirect to a IP like you are. Can you try a URL like or something?

un indent your last two lines so that the code to run the server is not inside your route function

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no is also not working from there

You won !!! Thanks it works

:wink: no problem , because python syntax is based on indentation you have to watch out for stuff like that

I am a newbie , would appreciate if you may suggest flask is better or dJango . Which is fastest and easiest to learn

IMO if you are going to build a server in Python you should use flask. If you are building something big that needs a more powerful backend you shouldn’t be using Python. I’m not a fan of django, I find it overly complicated for not much speed or power.
If I need that power on the backend I will use a different language like nodejs, golang, or ruby on rails

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Perfect :+1: Thanks for the advise. I will look into it. I want to learn web for application building. I need to have good understanding of best frontend and backend. How do you rate electronjs ?

I really just stick to vanilla js, css, and hmtl so I can’t really speak to that.

Thanks for your help buddy. Even a single line learned you are my teacher :santa:

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