Replit Website Failing to Load

So, I’m not too familiar with HTML/CSS/JS/JSON, but I was hoping someone would be able to help me out.

My coding team decided to move a website’s code from Mobile(a little-known content management system not unlike Google Sites) to Replit. When we tried to view it in the Webview window, nothing is showing up. I’m not sure if this is an issue with our school laptops or Replit itself, and I was tasked with digging into this issue.

Anyone who can help, thank you.

Replit Profile:

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Same issue going on over here! The home page loads, I can search up projects, they appear, but the problem arises when I decide to click on them! They don’t load anything, not even if I fork it!

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Just made a test Repl here, seems fine to me. Are you hitting the Run button?


Thanks for replying! We have hit run multiple times, but it only reads “ took too long to respond.

Does it have something to do with the amount of files?

Ah, you’ve got the bug with the old urls. Try swapping the at the end of the url for


Dear all,
I have the same problem.
I can see all my projects done so far but when I want to open and run them nothing is happening: the" working" message keeps showing up all the time.
When I create a simple html/css/js project the same happen!
Any idea please how to solve this issue?
Kind regards

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what this means. Could you elaborate a bit more?

Sure, I’ll use the URL from this topic as an example:

Swap the at the end of the URL for

And open it in a new tab.

My URL isn’t ending with

So sorry, but could you explain how to get it to look like that?

In that case, you don’t have the same issue.

What do you have currently?

Well, mine just continues to say “Working…” I can’t type in shell, nothing loads when I fork something or click a project, but I can search up everything fine. I’m on a school chromebook if that helps.

That’s a very different issue from OP here then, have you tried on a non-school device?

Well, I can’t I don’t have anything that could work like that, I need this for my school project that I’m doing, so maybe I could ask my professor