Replit Webpack Builds not being served

Problem description: When I do npm run build on my project, this will generate a webpack script in dist/main.js.

Expected behavior: I expect the website to reflect this and serve the script out.

Actual behavior: The script is not updated, hard refreshing does NOT work. It appears I must rename the file and then rename it back again in order for the script to be served correctly. Not ideal!

Steps to reproduce: 1. Open the shell
2. Add alert('hi!') to main.ts (or any other easily seen modifications)
2. run npm run build
3. Run the repl
4. notice how it doesn’t do the alert

Bug appears at this link:

Browser/OS/Device: any

Note: This has been an old bug and I doubt replit will fix this anytime in the future

Are you using the auto-reloading HTML/CSS/JS Repl? This looks like a normal HTML/CSS/JS Repl, which hosts stuff statically (built very different than other Repls)

sorry for the very late reply

what is the auto-reloading html css js repl?