Replit web hosting is down again 😠

Problem description:
Replit web hosting failed YET AGAIN. Is Replit’s goal to make us leave? It was ~95% reliable until a few weeks ago. Once again, says nothing.

Expected behavior:
Functional websites

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:
Try to use your Repl’s website… any of them.

Bug appears at this link:

Firefox/Arch Linux/HP EliteDesk G2 SFF I finally get to put something different here. Fun.

I’m getting tired of posting this bug report Replit!


The same thing is happening to me

except for me, the error is this (this occurs for both your website and mine):

but I assume that it’s because of a different Browser/OS/Device


I am getting your error for http and @CoderElijah’s for https.

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Now on! You can check it now.


PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR maybe firefox’s way of saying “end of file” or “the connection closed unexpectedly” similar to how Chrome’s error does.

Regarding dragonhunter1’s recent comment, here’s the issue on


im getting the same thing

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it is also happening on Chrome, and IOS :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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It is a replit problem, not a browser one.


Because the servers themselves are having issues. No matter what platform/browser you try it on, it probably won’t work right now.


I think it’s fixed for some repls, because a few of my repls work but it’s inconsistent.

[Edit: This is dumb (now, no repl is working. This happened after 10 seconds.)]

Same happening for me

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Welcome to Replit Ask! Has it worked occasionally, or has it been consistently broken?

IK IT IS SO ANNOYING, my repl is! Please fix hosting repl people

I thought it was just my repl that stopped working :astonished:


I think that the hosting is back up again. Anybody disagree?

Seems fine for me, close this?

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I’ll let you have the solution. It doesn’t help me with my badge quest to solve my own topics AFAIK anyway.

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