Replit web app URL format changed?

I have the impression that replit URL format has changed from [REPLNAME]–[ACCTNAME] to [REPLNAME].[ACCTNAME] ? Is that possible? why did that happen ?

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Yes it did change and there was no announcement. But it was the other way around. It was originally <repl name>.<account username> to <repl name>-<account username>


interesting, for me right now if I try to create a flask web app I get but I remember seeing the replname-acct before. do you know when it changed ? it sucks if they did this without warning ppl and giving time


It changed earler this year. The change only applies to new accounts though. So if you have an old account it will stay as is


It’s, not lol. Also, the dash format has two dashes between Repl slug and username.


Oh and also, see:

Replit Status:

We have made a change to change the domain style of users who have joined in the last 3 months and onward to use the format as instead of the

Only users who have joined in the last 3 months and onward will have the “dash-style” domains, and all users before that will still use the “dot-style” domains. You can check which format of the domain your account is using by checking the URL of the Webview tab of any Repl that hosts a website or webserver.

Replit Docs:

End of Life for Dot-Style Domains

Note: As of February 17th, 2023, we have switch to using instead of Only users who created their account after the date will have the new URL format. To see which format your account uses, check the URL of your Repl’s webview.

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