Replit waking question

Does replit waking call just the run command or the run and compile command?

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For compiled languages, the run command calls the compile command, then runs the output.


Oh, well they should make them separate so when your website wakes up it doesn’t have to compile.

Websites aren’t compiled generally, it depends on the language, but popular back-end languages like NodeJS and Python are interpreted languages (which doesn’t mean they aren’t compiled, just that they aren’t compiled ahead of time), and front-end languages like HTML and CSS aren’t compiled at all.

You can customise what the run command does in the .replit file if you show hidden files so you can remove any compilation steps, but then you would have to do them manually.

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Can you detect when the repl if being woken up vs run button?

Automatically I dont think so. But you can go to your profile then go to the status page to view it manually (for all your repls)

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