Replit VNC graphics not working

I’m trying to visualise a matplotlib.pyplot.imshow image, but the image just doesn’t load:

They seem to work in Spyder IDE, but not in Google Chrome.
What can I do about this?

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Could you link the repl?

And have you tried refreshing the page, rerunning the repl or using a different browser?

I don’t know if I can link the repl because it’s part of a team.

I have tried all of your suggestions, none of them work.

If it’s a public reply, just send the link. I can fork it and test it myself.

I had the same problem, and thought my district broke it by blocking it either on the network or using a restrictive extension. But updating Chrome seems to fix it.

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It was working this morning, but now it seems to not be working for either Turtle or Pygame. Both of these were working this morning after I updated Chrome, but do not currently show the VNC window:

The problem seems to be if the repl is too “complicated” or has too much stuff on the screen. Simple turtle programs will run and re-run fine. But if it runs for too long, then it will crash, and if I try to re-run it, will not display anything. Here is a video example:

The reason it doesn’t work when you restart the repl is because it’s a VNC feed from a container on a server. The container is still running, but the feed to your repl stopped.

You could try running kill 1 in the shell when this happens, but seems like a bug to be reported.
Screen Recording 2022-08-18 at 5.32.36 pm


Final update from me: It was a bug in the VNC, but replit fixed: just have to reload if it doesn’t work. Yet it still wasn’t working for me.

I didn’t know if it was my district chrome settings or the network, even though they whitelisted replit domains, so I took my lab computer home and it worked fine using my home internet. I told my IT, and they fixed it and it’s finally working fine this morning!

EDIT: apparently they just turned off the entire internet filter for my computer, so the issue still exists for my students…

Hi @TClark so glad that you’ve managed to work out what the issue was.

I suppose the next step is convincing IT to replicate what they did to fix your issue for the student domain!

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