.replit visual editor

Me, @bddy and @CSharpIsGud have been working on a very cool extension, and I thought it’d be a good idea to post it here, see if people like the idea and what they’d like to see added!

Hopefully we have some veteran users on Ask that remember the visual .replit editor. It was quite a useful tool, however it got removed due to a lot of bugs. So we’re basically just remaking that!

Here’s a screenshot to show you what it’ll look like:

(Please do not bash me for the UI it’s a WIP)


Looks very cool Haroon!


Never even heard of it. So this wont help too much since I only know the code-based editor for .replit


You already got access to the beta extensions program?:face_holding_back_tears:


I had it for quite a while (basically since extensions were first touched upon)


This looks dope! Can’t wait to use it!

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YEAHhh!!! nice! looking forward to it :eyes:

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How dare you not use proper grammar!

@bddy, @CSharpIsGud, and I*

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Uhm, Was that necessary?

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What kind of a question was that?! Do you know who I am?! Of course it was necessary.

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:+1: This idea is great (although it’s just a recreation). .replit files are frankly hard for me to understand, and this would be nice to have to easy-ify the .replit file.

:+1: same here. good luck creating it!

he is a mod, so he gets beta stuff. get used to it :smirk:

why are you smirking lol

lol , can I not smirk :smirk:

nooo? what does it mean?

lol sorry maybe I’m just getting my pop culture references messed up XD I’m so out of touch XD

Looks cool, but manually entering json seems counterproductive. And I was wondering what happend to the .replit editor.

Haha what a weak non veteran I have never heard of this thing in my life

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Lol but there didn’t used to be a .replit file three years ago so I should have seen it…