Replit verification email isn't being sent

The replit email to verify an account isn’t being sent. For some reason replit is experimenting a lot of problems lately.

For Replit or the forums?

for replit, when you create an account and you need to verify it via email

Got it. Time to go test

It’s been 2 or 3 hours since I created an account clicked on the buttons 10 times and email is not being sent. Have you seen my post about the replit account?

This one? Yes, I have. I’m focusing on this one first (even thought they are related)

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Other one, replit replit account

Wait, maybe not only verification email but also change password could be affected

I cant repro this. I made a new account and the email was sent instantly. Make sure you typed your email correctly.

email has been recived 2.23 hours after account creation. Everything with email is ok, but replit accounts are having some problems.

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