Replit username into a link

Hello coders!

I recently saw a Repl where instead of [project name].[username], it was just [username], and I was wondering if there was a way to replicate that.

Thank you!
Sincerely, larland

Hi @mawari9099, welcome to the community!

To do this, you just need to name your Repl the same as your username (or the same as your team name if you are coding in a team).


Hello to you too! I tried that in HTML, butit did not work.

*but it.

Sorry for the typo @QwertyQwerty88.

You do not seem to have any Repls:

Is your Repl private?

Yes, I have Private Repls because I have Github student. Should I make the Repl public?

Yes, it would make helping you easier.

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Ok, I set it to public. If it helps, the URL is also works

The URL works for me. Replit’s hosting is currently down, though.

I’m going to mark my post as the solution, since it seemed to work for you.

Ok! Is it just preview that it shows the unshortened URL?

Thabk you!

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