Replit url for setting up webhook for telegram bot

This is a newbie question. I am using replit to develop a telegram bot by using pyTelegramAPI and fastAPI libraries. I want to test my code by clicking the “run” button before using the autoscale deployment.

When I click the “run” button, the fastAPI and unvicorn showed “{hello world”} http response correctly in the WebView tab. However, I cannot find the url of webserver, which is required for setting up the webhook for telegram bot.

Can anyone tell me the default url of the instance after clicking the “run” button, so that I can set the WebHost and Port for the telegram bot?

Besides, what ports are available for autoscale deployment?

Thanks in advance.

When deploying, you can specify your URL and use it.

If you haven’t deployed the bot yet, you can see the URL by clicking on the “New tab” button and copy the address of the tab that opens.


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Thanks a lot for the answer. How about the ports? Can I specify any ports I like?

As far as I know, you can’t set the port.
Additional information about custom domains in deployments, if you need it, you can find here:

not really that intuitive is it. Who would have thought, new tab will dsiplay the webhook url.

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I figured out that port 80 and 443 are open for fastAPI. It seems that other ports are not reachable.

Hope this will help those who stumble upon this thread.

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