Replit urgently needs to update c++ from a 5 year old version

Replit desperately needs to update the c++ version to the latest version, Replit is a widely used IDE and yet uses version 17 from 5 years ago when c++ is one of the core programming languages used in todays world.

Updating c++ on replit would allow programmers to use tons of newer features not available in c++ 17. Personally, i programmed a chess engine in c++ in visual studio and when i attempted to move it accross to replit, found that it was using features less than 5 years old.


I agree that this should at least be made a template like C++ Latest or something


We’ll fix it this week! Thanks for flagging!


Hey! Which version of C++ do you expect to use? Neither clang nor gcc support C++ 20 fully yet.

I made a template that has support for latest C++ standards

You can fork my repl to use bleeding edge of C++ which includes C++ 23 standards

And here’s one with C++ 20

We will look into updating 20 to be the default.

Thank you for understanding.


The program requires features of c++ 20, thank you for the response and the assurance the default will be updated.

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