Replit upload damages mp4s

Problem description:
HTML5 video behaves strangely in replit after being uploaded. If you copy the exact code from here (and download/upload the video) W3Schools Tryit Editor into a new replit . the change time button will not work.

Expected behavior:
The button should change the time of the video to 5 seconds.

Actual behavior:
The button cannot set the time nor can you go to a random time by clicking on the video controls.

Steps to reproduce:
Mentioned above.

Problem: Replit’s upload seems to be somehow stripping the mp4 files of their timestamps or metadata somehow. If you reference the original video in the repl it works fine.


Hey @CarloTulloch! Welcome to the community!

It seems to be working just fine on my side. Try downloading and uploading the file again and see if it works.

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That’s odd, I tried with 2 of my own videos and then that one. For the record I was dragging and dropping straight in on Chrome. I will try again.

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