Replit Updates - Invalid Link/Nonexistent File

Problem description:
When I click on the link to view the blog post from the Replit Updates site, it provides an error.

Expected behavior:
I expect to be taken to the blog post about the new Replit cover pages.

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:
Just click the second link, which you can find by clicking the first link.

Bug appears at this link:
Click on the links there. They take you to an error at

Firefox/Arch Linux/HP EliteDesk G2 SFF

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After doing some searching on, it appears that the article was taken down. Is that right? Why?

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It appears to be taken down, but it’s on the Internet Archive. ( :heart: to whoever saved it)

Sounds like a cover-up. :eyes:

Ah the Internet Archive. So wonderful! Why did they take it down? Perhaps because of our protest?

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I seriously doubt that is why.

We might be able to find the file on a fork of the blog repl.

Hmm then why delete it? They were so proud of it when they first released it?

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