Replit unable to resolve MongoDB server

So I have a discord bot written on replit that connects to a Mongo Atlas database. For a while, there were no problems, but now, any time the bot attempts to connect to the database, I get this error:
I made sure that the password was correct, the user had proper permissions, the connection url was correct, database was online and working (I could connect to it from 2 other devices in cmd but not replit), and set the ip access correctly. From what I know, this is some sort of DNS error?
I just wanted to check if anyone here knew any fixes, but if not, I will contact Mongo support.

Mongo is probably currently broken on Replit.

Is this a reoccurring problem? I’ve never used Mongo on replit before, but if it is a current problem, I might have to find another IDE.

Hey @WrigglySplash!

I am sorry to hear that you are affected by this issue. We are aware of this and are tracking this as a high-severity issue. We have a topic where we are posting updates on the issue: Some users are having trouble connecting to MongoDB - #24 by ShaneAtReplit

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